Thursday, January 17, 2019

Guest Blogging

Greetings to all my dear visitors of Nikki's Blog,
We, at Nikki's Blog, present a unique opportunity to all incredible writers to publish their content on our website. By publishing your content with Nikki's Blog, you can reach the large audience of your niche and we can are grow together day by day.
There are some small terms and conditions to make blog post much better: (Please do follow):
  1. The content must be unique (No Plagiarism please).
  2. Title – Provide a suitable Title for your Content with a summary in 60-100 words
  3. Content length should be unique and  informative  with word limit of minimum 500 words. There is no higher limit to number of words.
  4. Duplicate Content We don’t accept duplicate content on our website which is copied from anywhere else.
  5. You can provide a link to your blog or website and even to some of your posts (Not more than 3).
  6. Send 2-3 Images (800 × 445)with credit if you using form any other source.
  7. Two Back-link will be provided (if requested by guest blogger).
  8. The content should be user-friendly and should be related to Technology, Tech News & tips/updates, Educational, Digital Marketing TipsCase StudiesCareer GrowthSocial Media Tips and Update, Food Blog, Travel Blog, and Book reviews. We don’t accept posts that don’t fall to our niche. And also, make sure there are no grammatical mistakes in your Content.
  9. You should love your writing. Promote it as far as possible with your social media / network and reader
  10. We can edit your posts, if necessary.
  11. Don’t forget to say a Share our blog, even when you stop by the next time. We believe in making connections and relations!! 
I hope these little requirements sounds good and reasonable. 
If you are reading this far and are interested for guest post then do drop us an e-mail at
We read all emails from you and will reply back them within 24 hours.
With lots of love and warm regards
Team Nikkisblog

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Sunday, May 6, 2018

About Me

Hi friends,

In my quest for seamless knowledge, magnificent places, exquisite food, privileged lifestyle, fun and leisure, I have crafted this blog to serve the readers with contentment and delight. I hope you would adore the diversity and admire my zeal for writing.

Being a foodie, I have tried to meticulously probe and interpret my tastes, for all the restaurants and eateries I have toured so far.

Geek! as they call me...equipped me to analyse and decipher the most trending technologies and bring them to your exploration.

I wish to be a globetrotter!! the mere thought gives me an adrenaline rush and provokes me to uncover the most majestic and scintillating places that a must visit for a mortal.

Books can really make you a sharp cookie! As a book lover I believe that they will never leave you entangled and will always keep you asking for more. This intimidates me to share their enchantment and adroitness.

We are accepting Guest Posts. Check  out details at Guest Blogging