Saturday, May 5, 2018

About Me

Hi friends,

In my quest for seamless knowledge, magnificent places, exquisite food, privileged lifestyle, fun and leisure, I have crafted this blog to serve the readers with contentment and delight. I hope you would adore the diversity and admire my zeal for writing.

Being a foodie, I have tried to meticulously probe and interpret my tastes, for all the restaurants and eateries I have toured so far.

Geek! as they call me...equipped me to analyse and decipher the most trending technologies and bring them to your exploration.

I wish to be a globetrotter!! the mere thought gives me an adrenaline rush and provokes me to uncover the most majestic and scintillating places that a must visit for a mortal.

 Books can really make you a sharp cookie! As a book lover I believe that they will never leave you entangled and will always keep you asking for more. This intimidates me to share their enchantment and adroitness.

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Business Intelligence on Cloud 

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